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Monday, November 3, 2008

Review of: Burning Water

Author: Mercedes Lackey
Pages: 312
Genre(s): paranormal, urban fantasy, mystery
Grade: C

I wanted to like this book. I've heard good things about Lackey's Halfblood Chronicles. The friend who loaned it to me (aka my s-i-l Jenn) seemed to really like it. I just couldn't love it. I DID like Burning Water, but I definitely didn't love it. Something to do with the style or her writing; like she's more comfortable writing her Elvish tales than contemporary fiction (Burning Water was published in 1989).

From Ms Lackey's site: Something is stalking Dallas. First it attacked cattle, leaving bloody corpses. Now it is going after people. Detective Mark Valdez feels the evil surrounding the city and calls in a specialist, Diana Tregarde, a romance novelist and practicing witch. But will Diana be an avenging angel or a willing sacrifice?

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