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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hyacinth Awards - Retroactive

Here is a list of the books that I am (retroactively) giving the Hyacinth Award to. They are in no particular order. To read more about my Hyacinth Award click here. I've also linked to the reviews.
Remember to keep a look-out for these awards in the future. =)


Beth F said...

Thanks for the list! I have The Uglies on my 2009 list (part of the Westerfeld mini-challenge). Glad to know that it's worth the read.

~Kylee in CT said...

My oldest daughter has #2 and #3 in the series... I'm trying really hard to wait until the Mini-Challenge starts.

Anonymous said...

Hands down, Joe Hill's book. Also, I wanted to drop by and wish you an awesome Thanksgiving. :)

Dorlana said...

Hi Kylee,
I love the look of this new blog. Wow! Thanks so much for the award! And thanks for blogging about the contest. Have a great week!

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