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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I need your help

Next year I will be having a little contest. On January 1, 2009 I will be installing a widget that will track the Top Commenters. I will be giving prizes to the top 5 commenters of 2009. I'm thinking a Gift Card for 1st place (amount to be determined, but at least $25.00 US.) I'm not sure what the prizes for second through fifth should be. I'm very open to suggestions. Please leave a comment below or send me an e-mail to kylee.challenge AT with a subject of "2009TC" that way if your e-mail is misdirected into my spam folder it will be easier to spot. J. Kaye told me where to find the widget that she uses. Thank you, J. Kaye!


Beth F said...

Will think on it, but I'm usually bad at coming up with small gifts.

Marina said...

How about books of choice from your read/reviewed/not going to keep pile?
(and as I'm saying this, I'm not even sure you give your books away)

For example:

#2 commenter: 3 books
#3: 2 books
#4: 1 book
#5: a bookmarker, custom?

~Kylee in CT said...

@Marina: Thanks! I do give some of my books away. That's a good idea. Adding it to my list.

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