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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Review of: Jasmine's Starry Night

Author: Kay Woodward
ISBN: 9780723259220
Pages: 69
Published by: Warne (March 2008)
Genre(s): Children's, Chapter Book, Fiction
Grade: A
Challenge(s): 100+ Reading Challenge - Read 'n Review '09 - Read Together 2009 - Spring Reading Thing 2009

Jasmine the Flower Fairy is in charge of a night blooming flower. She sleeps during the day and loves watching the stars at night. Since Jasmine is alone so often, she is incredibly shy.

When she meets Dandelion, he asks what her hobby is. Jasmine thinks she doesn't have one. Not being very adventurous, like some Flower Fairies, she despairs of ever finding a hobby.

When some of the baby fairies cause a ruckus, thinking the stars are trying to fall out of the sky, only Jasmine knows that they are just shooting stars, comets. Will Jasmine be able to over come her shyness long enough to let them all know?

Reaghan liked this Flower Fairy book, too. (The first one we read was Wild Cherry Makes a Wish.) There were no 'nervous' moments for Reaghan in Jasmine's Starry Night, but she did feel bad for poor Jasmine.

Our current 'read together' book is Poppy's Perfect Home which is another from this same series. Be on the look out for that review in the next few weeks.

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